Fortaleza Conference

Hotel Gran Marquise Sep 27, 2023

ABL gathered for its 45th Conference in Fortaleza, Brazil. More than 40 delegates from across the world met for the General Assembly, from 27 to 30 September 2023.

ABL takes this opportunity to thank all our speakers for their valued insights:

Eduardo Neves, President of ZPE Ceará that presented on the benefits of the Free-Trade Zone in the State of Ceará (ZPE Ceará).

Juvencio Viana, Legal Director of Pecém Seaport, that presented on the Pecém Seaport: a successful partnership com Rotterdam.

Joaquim Rolim, Executive Secretary for Industry, that presented on Investing in the State of Ceará.

Constantino Frate, Advisor of the Federation of Industries, that presented on Renewable energy market in Brazil.

Élcio Batista, Vice Mayor of Fortaleza, that presented an Overview of the opportunities in the City of Fortaleza

Igor Lucena, President of the Economic Council in Ceará, that presented an Overview of the Brazilian economy.


Ilo Marques, Manager of the corporate area and French Desk at R. Amaral Advogados, that presented on Legal aspects of foreign investment in Brazil.

We also want to thank our members that shared valuable insight:

Joe Coli, from member firm CTM Legal, Chicago, USA, presented on US Immigration Issues and the impact of the upcoming US 2024 Elections.

Laura Gobernado, from member firm MG Abogados, Madrid, presented on The Treasure Hunt.

Andres Bazo, from member firm Rasco Klock Perez Nieto, Miami, presented on Florida Law – Recent Developments.

Special recognition and thanks go out R. Amaral Advogados, our member host firm, for their amazing work putting together this conference.

Check the conference photos thourgh this link.

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