Joe has been fighting for working families his entire career.  Before he opened The CTM Legal Group, he worked for over 10 years with labor unions. He began his career in Chicago where he represented union members in grievance hearings, arbitrations and collective bargaining agreement negotiations. Additionally, he has served as a trustee on Taft-Hartley benefit funds.

In addition to his background in labor and employment, Joe has expanded his practice internationally.  Joe worked in Mumbai, India alongside the CTM Legal Group’s partner firm Dave & Girish & Co. Furthermore, Joe worked for the United States Embassy in Madrid, Spain. 

These efforts helped to shape Joe’s and the CTM Legal Group’s vision of a law firm that serves clients across the world. Joe co-founded The CTM Legal Group in 2012 to create a modern firm for a changing interconnected world.

Joe is a strong proponent for legal services benefit plans and has assisted organizations in the creation and administration of legal services funds and plans.  These cost-effective benefits offer participants access to attorneys that they could otherwise not afford. Joe has seen firsthand countless working families benefit greatly from such plans. Joe has met with business and union leaders across the country to discuss the creation and administration of these benefits.

Joe was appointed to the Illinois Workers' Compensation Advisory Board in 2016 as an Employee Representative. He is a member of the Chicago Bar Association, the AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee, the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans and the International Bar Association. 

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