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Extensive knowledge of the law, and long-term experience within different branches of law, are the hallmarks of a good attorney. But loyalty, sensitivity, empathy, and the power of insight are equally important.

The attorneys of Salmi & Partners understand the difference between a “good” and a “great” attorney: A great attorney strives to gain an in-depth understanding of clients and their needs to help them to their best advantage.

Variety is another word that describes many of our staff members. Salmi & Partners is proud to have associates on staff from around the world, which gives us significant insight into how different traditions, customs, and cultures can affect people’s lives from a legal standpoint, and how they can sometimes cause or influence the legal situations that arise. This helps us achieve our goal of finding
the best solution to international legal cases.

Salmi & Partners

Drottninggatan 71 C 2 tr , Stockholm , Sweden

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