Salomon Lipschutz & Co.

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Yaacov Salomon, Lipschütz & Co. is one of the most distinguished and leading law firms in ‎Israel. The firm provides its clients with complete and first rate legal services, pertinent to the ‎commercial, civil and public fields.‎

Over nine decades of legal activity, since its establishment in 1923, the firm developed a ‎professional outlook, which is based upon the human assets that the firm has nurtured from ‎within.‎
In this way, the firm succeeded in developing and maintaining an intellectual elasticity and ‎diversity with an uncompromising devotion to providing its clients the utmost professional ‎quality and personal care.‎

Yaacov Salomon, Lipschütz & Co. provides its clients with full one stop shop legal ‎representation, tailored to the clients' specific needs and characteristics. The firm handles each ‎client with the constant and commanding presence of the firm partners, assigning the ‎appropriate legal team which best suits the client's needs.

Salomon Lipschutz & Co.

7, Abba Hillel Silver , Tel Aviv "Beit Silver" , Israel

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Salomon Lipschutz & Co.

64 Hameginim Ave. , Haifa, Israel

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