Prague Conference

Prague, Czech Republic May 01, 2019

ABL delegates from across the world gathered again for the 39th General Assembly Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic, May 2019.

Click here to see some snapshots taken at this event.

Conference delegates gained valuable insights from analysts, guest speakers and fellow ABL members.

Lukáš Kovanda, Chief Economist at Czech Fund, presented the Czech economic outlook for 2019-2020 and shared some thoughts on the economic impact of the Brexit Vote.

Charles Spragge – Partner at Druces LLP, presented some legal thoughts on Brexit and moderated a debate on Alternative Dispute Resolution: its Worldwide Implications & IP Related Issues. We hereby thank our panelists Petr Hostaš – Arbitrator and Member of the Board of the Czech Arbitration Court – and Robert Němec, Arbitrator for sharing their experiences with regard to international arbitration, domain name disputes and legal aspects of Brexit.

Other most interesting debates were attended by speakers from various sectors.

Radek Pluhař, Group Chief Risk Officer at Home Credit B.V., and Roman Šmucler, CEO at Asklepion Aesthetic Medicine Clinic and President of the Czech Dental Chamber, presented some use cases of Artificial Intelligence today and in the near future. 

Further, we thank Jan Lalka – Managing Director at Surveilligence, s.r.o., for his presentation on Forensic Investigations in Insolvency Proceedings, and Andica Kunst – Counsel at Rasco Klock Perez & Nieto – for her presentation on America’s Legal Quilt.

Finally, the Law Firm Management Roundtable provided a forum for delegates to share best practices, discuss challenges and opportunities and brainstorm about solutions to topics of importance to the legal profession.


Special recognition and thanks goes out to Hartmann, Jelínek, Fráňa & Partners for hosting the event and to Sofar S.p.A for sponsoring this fruitful 39th ABL Conference.



Sofar S.p.A. is an Italian company that produces high quality pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements and medical devices, which medical personnel and consumers can use to meet their needs.



The Law Office of Hartmann, Jelínek, Fráňa and Partners has been providing legal services since 1990. The law office is made up of lawyers – partners, cooperating lawyers, articled clerks, clerical workers and workers in the field of economics. The firm cooperates with other external specialists, especially with specialized lawyers, auditors, accounting and tax advisors, expert witnesses, interpreters, translators and notaries, to a scope which allows them to provide legal services to clients in a comprehensive manner and of a very high level.


Click here to see some snapshots taken at this event.





The next ABL conference will take place in San Francisco, October 30 – November 02, 2019. More information will be available soon on our website.


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