Hamburg Conference

Hamburg May 11, 2022

ABL delegates from across the world gathered again for the 42nd General Assembly Meeting in Hamburg, Germany, May 11-14, 2022. 

Click here to see some snapshots taken at this event.

Conference delegates gained valuable insights from analysts, guest speakers and fellow ABL members.

Dr. Naomi Burke O’Sullivan – Legal Officer at International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (IT-LOS) presented some recent law of the sea cases. 

Alexander Möller, Senior Partner at Roland Berger,  Nils Haupt, Head of Corporate Communications at Hapag-Lloyd and Willem van der Schalk, President CLECAT (European Liaison Committee of Common Market Forwarders) discussed about global trade and logistics and how to battle out of supply-chain disruptions.

Dr. Kjell Jacobsen, Senior Legal Counsel at Aquila Capital and Mark Hoppe, Associate Managing Director at Skysails Group provided expert insights on investment opportuntities associated with climate change.

Further, we thank Dr. Mohamad Forough, Research Fellow at GIGA (German Institute of Global and Area Studies), for his presentation on the geopolitical and geoeconomic aftermaths of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, and Franziska Adelmann, Bucerius Law School graduate, for giving us a very interesting insight in what the next generation of lawyers expect from law firms.

Finally, we thank all ABL and CII members who have shared best practices and legal developments in their countries.

Special recognition and thanks goes out to Jacobsen + Confurius Rechtsanwälte for hosting this event.


Jacobsen+Confurius specialises in labour, commercial and civil law. The firm's working method is direct, clear and solution-driven. 

Click here to see some snapshots taken at this event.




The next ABL conference will take place in Chicago, September 28-October 01, 2022.

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