Audrey is a trusted advisor to businesses and their management teams. She provides sound legal advice on issues ranging from personnel disputes to corporate governance chess matches and charting a path to early resolution or a powered litigation win.

Audrey’s clients have been startups to publicly traded companies, non-profits and public entities in wide and varied industries: food & beverage, natural & organics, transportation and logistics, technology, security, professional services, wellness & health care, manufacturing, financial services, real estate development and construction, energy, and green businesses. Matters are in State and Federal court, mediation and arbitrations, or before government agencies.

Audrey litigates individual and class actions involving a vast range of employment and workforce issues: wage and hour, meal and rest breaks, employee misclassification and independent contractor status, compensation and commission, theft of trade secrets, founder disputes, compliance with disability and medical leave laws (including reasonable accommodations), discrimination and harassment (sex, race, age, religion, disability and medical condition), wrongful termination, employee discipline, employee privacy, layoffs, reductions in force, & severance, contract claims, and employment related torts such as defamation, negligence, emotional distress, fraud and misrepresentation.

Audrey has also litigated a wide range of business matters including contract disputes for multi-billion dollar companies, breach of fiduciary duty, mismanagement and fraud claims against corporate directors and officers, shareholder claims, trade secret thefts, complex multi-plaintiff residential construction claims for publicly traded homebuilders and private construction companies, $100 million dollar contract and fraud claims between banks, and all manner of ordinary business disputes in between, including land sale acquisitions, trademark infringement, business to business collections, and issues arising out of the sale, merger, acquisition, or dissolution of businesses and partnerships.

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