Hilton Napoleon II focuses his practice in the areas of complex civil litigation, civil rights violations, federal and state criminal trials and appeals, post-conviction relief, election litigation, and governmental administrative proceedings.

Mr. Napoleon has deep roots in protecting the innocent from wrongful convictions based on faulty eye-witness identification, police misconduct, under zealous police investigations, and overzealous prosecutions.  He works tirelessly to ensure justice occurs in all of his cases.

Mr. Napoleon takes particular interest in defending youths on a pro bono basis.  He successfully removed a sexual offender designation under the “Romeo and Juliet Law” for a client who (at 18 years old) had sexual relations with a 15-year-old classmate.  Mr. Napoleon used cell-cite locations, text messages, and video surveillance to show that his 17-year-old client, who was a high school all-academic football player, was at home when a robbery occurred, and therefore could not be the actual assailant.  Mr. Napoleon also had manslaughter charges dropped against a juvenile who mistakenly shot his best friend with an adult’s unattended firearm.

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