Willems Advocaten Announces New Partner

   Mar 01, 2018    | ABL News

Hans Walhain (1953), admitted to the Amsterdam Bar and attorney at law at Willems since December 2017. Hans graduated in April 1979 from the State University of Leiden in Civil Law. In August 1979 he was sworn in as a lawyer in Rotterdam.

Hans Walhain was a board member (secretary) of the Vereniging de Jonge Balie (Young Lawyer’s Association) in Rotterdam and also a member of the Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats (International Association of Young Lawyers – AIJA) for which he has written a variety of national reports relating to insolvency law. He is presently secretary of the Appeals Committee for the Royal Dutch Cricket Board and member of the Association Friends of Evita (Stichting Vrienden van Evita). Evita is a private health care organization established in The Hague.

Hans Walhain operates a general advice and litigation practice focused on (international) contract and business law in the broadest sense of the expression, also including labour law, obligations law, managing directors’ liability and insolvency law.

His contact details:
Hans Walhain

Tel:  +31 (0)20 833 0 833
Mobile: +31 6 81 62 25 47


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