Webinar Recording: Covid-19 in International Commercial Relations

   Jul 27, 2020    | ABL News

Earlier this month ABL hosted a free webinar on “Covid-19 in International Commercial Relations & LATAM as an Investment Opportunity”. The webinar was organized in collaboration with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Milan and the AICE – Italian Foreign Trade Association. 

Speakers included:
- Michael K. Brown, Lawyer at Brown Gee & Wenger LLP, San Francisco
- Stefano Candela, Lawyer at Franzosi Dal Negro Setti, Milan
- Claudia Riedel, Lawyer at DDSA Law, São Paulo
- Read McCaffrey, Lawyer at Rasco Klock Perez & Nieto, New York
- Manuel Lessa, Lawyer at BP Tax, Montevideo
- Laura Gobernado, Lawyer at MG Abogados, Madrid
- Angel Castro Rivera, Lawyer at MG Abogados Peru, Lima
- Claudia Vidal, Lawyer at FSDA Legal, Buenos Aires

Speakers addressed timely topics relating to corporate issues, contracts and force majeure, government programs and the CARES ACT, examples of recent client business pursuits, E-commerce, export of goods and investment opportunities and incentives in Latin America and elsewhere.

Wish to receive further information? Feel free to reach out to the speakers directly or contact ABL at info@ablglobal.net




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