SOFAR S.p.A. Sponsors ABLs 38th Conference

   Aug 07, 2018    | ABL News

The 38th ABL Conference will take place in Florence, Italy, 17-20 October 2018. Click here for more information on this event.

Some more background on SOFAR S.p.A.:

Sofar S.p.A. is an Italian company that produces high quality pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements and medical devices which medical personnel and consumers can use to meet their needs.

Sofar has been operating for over 45 years in the pharmaceutical sector and its extensive knowledge of the market allows them to look towards the future, taking advantage of their experience, resulting in a qualified and mature presence, characterized by innovative solutions.

Sofar's products therefore appropriately correspond with the physician’s therapeutic choices and are adapted to the end customer’s self-medication preferences.

Expertise, Flexibility and Innovation are the Values that guide them, allowing them to design, develop, produce and distribute effective products for the health and wellbeing of people.

Scientific progress has allowed people’s life expectancy to be extended and SOFAR’s Mission is to help further improve on that.


For more information about SOFAR S.p.A., visit their website.

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