Ruddy Law Named Best Law Firm

   Mar 20, 2014    | ABL News

Ruddy Law Office, PLLC, ABL member for Washington D.C., is pleased to announce that the firm was awarded "Best Law Firm - Overall" at the CTA Intelligence U.S. Services Awards 2014. Ruddy Law was also a finalist in the categories of "Best Law Firm - Client Service" and "Best Law Firm - Innovation".

The inaugural CTA Intelligence U.S. CTA Services Awards were held last week in New York. The CTA Intelligence Services Awards recognized and rewarded those who have provided outstanding support and services to the North American managed futures industry over the past 12 months.  Mark Ruddy and Jessica I. Brown attended the event on behalf of the firm.

Ruddy and Brown also attended the CTA Intelligence U.S. Performance Awards   held later that day. Ruddy presented the award of "Best Investable CTA Index" to Aspen Managed Futures Beta Index during the event.

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