Miguères Moulin awarded by UN Global Compact

   Feb 14, 2016    | ABL News

On December 18th 2015, Miguères Moulin was awarded the “Advanced” level within The United Nations Global Compact. It gathers the world’s most invested companies in all major areas such as the Human Rights, the International Labour Standards, the Environment and the Fight against Corruption. The Global Compact is the largest worldwide initiative for sustainable development, bringing together 13,000 organizations active in 160 countries.

Supporting the Global Compact since 6th April 2012, Miguérès Moulin, applies, in its sphere of influence the 10 core values upheld by the Compact at a “CG Active” level.

By reaching the “Advanced” level, Miguérès Moulin currently achieves the highest level of distinction within The United Nations Global Compact.

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