Ionescu si Sava Celebrates 10th Anniversary

   Jul 01, 2015    | ABL News

Law firm “Ionescu si Sava” now enters its second decade and looks back at its most important achievements, as well as to relevant numbers. 

A turnover which has evolved from EUR 60.000 (in 2005) to EUR 1.8 mln (in 2014), an attitude which propelled it among the top 20 players on the Romanian market of law firms oriented towards corporate customers, over 50 clients among top businesses in Romania, a solid team of 21 lawyers, over 1,500 cases won in courts country-wide, a private summer school which has provided training to some of the most talented 80 law students since its set-up – these are some of the numbers which define the activity of Ionescu si Sava over the past decade.

The firm was set-up in 2005 by partners Radu Ionescu, George Albert Ionescu, Otilia Sava and Alina Neagu and currently benefits from a team of 17 attorneys working in areas of expertise which include Litigation, Insolvency, Tax Law, Banking Law, Competition Law and M&A. Since its set-up, Ionescu si Sava has assisted and continues to assist prime clients in fields such as pharmaceutics, automotive, banking and financial services, real estate development or industrial production, with a client-list which includes Mercedes-Benz, Novartis, Angelini, Grupo Lar.

“We have evolved in close connection with the Romanian economy and with our clients. During a fairly short period of time, we have built a solid reputation by delivering top quality legal services, based on a deep understating of the needs and business interests of our clients, but more particularly, on the availability and efficiency of our team.” said Radu Ionescu, founding partner of law firm “Ionescu si Sava”.

With strong international exposure, law firm “Ionescu si Sava” is a member of the Alliance of Business Lawyers, a prestigious international network, which includes over 900 lawyers worldwide – this provides clients with access to worldwide, interconnected legal assistance.

In 2016, the annual international conference of the Alliance of Business Lawyers shall be held in Bucharest, following an invitation launched by Radu Ionescu, with over 100 lawyers to arrive in Romania on this occasion.

The most important milestones in the activity of “Ionescu si Sava” include:
• 2005: set-up of “Ionescu si Sava” law firm by attorneys Radu Ionescu, George Albert Ionescu, Otilia Sava and Alina Neagu
• 2010: set-up of the “Ionescu si Sava Summer School: Lawyering, in between job and calling” – a private training program for business “lawyering” which trains each year 20 law students from all over the country
• 2011: set-up of the “Ionescu si Sava Insolvency House”
• 2012: “Ionescu si Sava” becomes a member of the Alliance of Business Lawyers
• 2013: British publication Acquisition International credits Ionescu si Sava as law firm of the year in competition law (Competition Law – Firm of the Year – Romania)
• 2015: Alina Toma becomes the first associate attorney promoted internally to the position of partner.      

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