Covid-19 : Italy Updates

   Apr 15, 2020    | ABL News

ABL Milan member, Franzosi Dal Negro Setti, have provided some further info for Italy with new specific Covid laws, regulations and guidance.


LAW DECREE NO. 18, MARCH 17, 2020, called "Cura Italia" - Provisions on Civil Proceedings

LAW DECREE NO. 23, APRIL 8, 2020 (so called "Decreto Liquidità" - Financing of Business and Support for Export and Internationalisation

LAW DECREE NO. 23, APRIL 8, 2020 - Measure to Guarantee Business Continuity

International Agreements and Force Majeure, Part II



The COVID-19 outbreak presents complex and evolving legal issues. ABL's multidisciplinary taskforce is there to assist businesses and advise on business and legal implications that COVID-19 is causing.

Various memo's on local legislation and policy responses can be consulted here.

If you need assistance, please reach out to any of our members. Member firm locations can be found here.

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