Carlos Melconian Keynote Speaker at ABL Conference

   Oct 26, 2015    | ABL News

At the 32nd ABL Conference, which will take place in Buenos Aires 19-20 November 2015, Mr. Melconian will present the economic outlook for Argentina and Latin America.

In October 1991, Mr. Melconian founded M&S Consultores, one of today´s most prestigious economic and financial consulting firms in Argentina. He currently works as a private advisor and provides consulting services to top international and local organizations.
In 2002, he created "Fundación para el Cambio" (Foundation for Change), an entity specialized in analyzing the conditions that directly affect the Argentinean and Latin American economic development and that provide recommendations of policy. Mr. Melconian's experience includes consulting for the World Bank and several governments in the region.
He has published a number of studies about Argentinean macroeconomics and the external sector, some of them sponsored by the United Nations Development Program.

Mr. Melconian is the author of “Recuperar La Ilusión”. He also has published numerous articles in Argentine newspapers, including Clarín, La Nación, El Cronista Comercial, Infobae, Página 12, Perfil.

He is the current candidate for Minister of Economy of Argentina in the event Mr. Mauricio Macri wins the national elections.

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