National Rules For Long Term Visa Stays

02 Feb 2017

Welcome to the first Report of the ABL’s Young Lawyer’s Group.

The Group was formed in 2015 to enable young lawyers in ABL member firms to develop and work alongside the senior members of ABL and to contribute towards the continued success of ABL. 

The topic of “National Rules for Long Term Visa Stays” is of particular interest and was chosen as the Group’s first Report given the international work that member firms are involved with.

The Report draws attention to the process involved for those looking at applying for long term stays of more than 3 months in each of the countries mentioned and the criteria that needs to be met. It is important to note that there are different rules for those that are EU citizens and those that are non-EU citizens.

The Report was prepared with contributions from eight members of the Group from Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. A link to the individuals’ biographies can be found on the “List of Contributors” page.

Click here to read the Report.

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