4G is Finally Coming to Turkey... or Not?

01 Jun 2015

What is 4G and what is it good for?

4G is a concept used in telecommunication sector. It is the abbreviation of the “fourth generation” of wireless telephone technology. It is the successor of 3G wireless network standards. 4G is expected to solve some of the problems, such as using a cellular network system and especially the network coverage problems of 3G networks. The speed of 4G for cell phones will be 100 mbit; and for wi-fi 1Gbit. So if supported with a suitable infrastructure, 4G will be able to provide us with the internet speed that we can reach by ADSL modems.

What is the date of the tender for authorising companies to provide 4G services?

Information Technologies and Communication Authority initially announced that it would hold 4G tender on 26 May 2015. However, on 15 May 2015, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications issued a press release stating that after discussions with relevant parties including the Ministry, Information Technologies and Communication Authority decided to postpone the 4G tender for three months to be held on 26 August 2015.

Decision of Information Technologies and Communication Authority to postpone the 4G tender is published in the Official Gazette dated 25 May 2015.

The Ministry declared that the reason of this postponement was the request for time extension of the participants.

However, some argue that the Turkish President Erdogan’s comments on 4G services may have also some affect for this postponement.

What did Turkish President say about 4G?

Turkish President Erdogan stated in his speech at the 175th year ceremony of Turk Telekom on 21 April 2015 that Turkey should be patient for 2 years and switch to 5G technologies directly. Some argue that 5G services are expected to be in use by 2020 worldwide.

What is the current status of the tender?

We expect 4G tender to be held on 26 August 2015.

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