Four New Members Admitted to ABL

   Apr 30, 2013    | ABL News

Alliance of Business Lawyers is delighted to announce details of its newest members, R. Amaral Advogados, Bufete Candanedo, Ionescu Sava and Brudkowski & Wspólnicy. Based in Fortaleza, Panama, Bucharest and Warsaw, our new members are all law firms that provide a full range of legal services.

R. Amaral Advogados - Fortaleza is a regional reference in legal services, with a client portfolio consisting of reputed national and foreign companies from the economic sectors of industry, commerce, construction, real estate, hotels, banking, insurance and transportation. The firm established itself in the market based on the parameters of ethics and excellence, and on professional partnership with the most reputable international law firms. It is aided in its aims by an agile, modern corporate structure, committed and flexible, gathering together qualified specialists with in-depth technical knowledge.

With more than 30 years of experience, the law firm of Bufete Candanedo - Panama offers to international and local corporations a vast range of specialized legal services. The firm’s experienced lawyers are capable enough to deal with Panamanian set of laws, as well as with international commercial and business laws, especially on foreign investments, real estate law, mergers, acquisitions, advice regarding doing business in Panama, Panama corporations, trademarks and patents matters. Through a direct and personal approach to its legal tasks, the firm strives to build solid and longstanding relationships with its clients, which may expect a competent handling of all their legal matters, by a team of highly qualified lawyers.

Ionescu si Sava - Bucharest is active in a wide range of industries. In a constantly changing world, we have multidisciplinary teams that keep our sector expertise up to date. The solutions we offer are based on economic trends and the latest laws and regulations. We concentrate on specific areas of the law. This means you will always get personal attention from a recognized professional in the areas of practice in which we operate. At Ionescu si Sava we speak your language and understand the challenges you are facing. Because we strive to know everything about our profession and about your business, and go beyond that, constantly innovating and taking new approaches to new or old challenges. Because we believe long-term partnerships with our clients are key to better results in our work – and we take pride in our ability to develop and maintain such partnership. Because our work IS ABOUT YOU.

Brudkowski & Partners - Warsaw offers businesses a full range of legal services. We are a seven partner law firm and each partner is an expert in a different field of law and industry. Our team consists of over 20 lawyers. Our goal is to deliver excellent legal services for companies. Our philosophy is to build long-term partnering relationships with clients. We are committed to understand our clients and to help them conquer their business challenges. We want to be close to our clients.

Emmanuel Moulin, president of ABL, says: “We are delighted to welcome the four firms to the network and we look forward to working closely with the teams. ABL works hard to achieve business referrals across the world for its members so I am confident they will benefit from their new membership.”

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