Covid 19 - Entry and Exit of Portuguese Territory

19 May 2020

By the Resolution of the Council of Ministers nº 10-B/2020, exceptional measures were
imposed regarding the entry and exit of Portuguese territory, those measures were extended
until the 15th of May.

Thus, regardless of nationality and country of origin, when entering Portuguese territory,
prophylactic isolation for a period of 14 days is recommended.

The restrictions imposed on travel between countries were as follows:

All international flights from outside and to outside the European Union to any national airport
are suspended, with two exceptions:

 entry of national citizens and holders of residence permits in the respective countries;
 circulation of diplomatic personnel, the Armed Forces and security forces and services;
 circulation, as an exception, for the purpose of family reunion of spouses or similar
and family members up to 1st degree on the straight line;
 access to health facilities, under bilateral health care provision agreements;
 right of withdrawal for citizens residing in another country;2
 the circulation of international freight transport, the transport of cross-border workers
and the circulation of emergency service vehicles.

The authorized crossing points at the land border are as follows:

 Valença-Viana do Castelo, exit of Tuy-Valença bridge - IP1-A3 connection, in Valença,
and railway station of Valença;
 Vila Verde da Raia- Chaves, exit from A52, connection to A24, km 0, near the
 Quintanilha-Bragança, exit from Internacional bridge IP4/E 82, exit to Quintanilha or
near the instalations of CCPA at N218-1 Quintanilha;
 Vilar Formoso-Guarda next to the border line, Largo da Fronteira, next to CCPA, N 16 /
E80, connection 620 Fuentes de Õnoro, Spain, including the railway station of Vilar
Formoso and access through the TIR Park, via trucks, N16, Vilar Formoso;
 Termas de Monfortinho-Castelo Branco, junction of the N 239 with the N 240 in
Termas de Monfortinho;
 Marvão-Portalegre, border line, Marvão, N 521 connecting Valencia de Alcântara to IC
13 Marvão;
 Caia-Elvas, exit A6 km 158, connection Caia-Elvas, next to the Tourist Office, Elvas
 Vila Verde de Ficalho-Beja, near the border line, connecting A 495 Rosal de la Frontera
to IP 8, Serpa;
 Castro Marim-Praça da Fronteira, km 131 of the A22, Guadiana-Castro Marim
International Bridge, including the Vila Real de Santo António river pier.

Special attention should also be paid to the existence of possible restrictions on entry and
circulation in other countries.

Countries that have banned flights from Portugal: Macau; USA, Israel; Morocco

In Europe there are a number of countries that have determined the prophylactic isolation of
citizens who enter (Austria, Greece; Croatia; Finland; Cyprus; Iceland) or even the non-entry of
citizens other than nationals or foreigners with a residence permit (Estonia, Hungary , Latvia,
Lithuania, Poland, Norway).

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